Wednesday, February 20, 2008

To me the the third loveliest of all winter days is the kind where the sun shines brightly, the sky is a perfect blue, the wind makes the leafless tree branches wave side to side and the air is crisp and cold.
The second is when it snows and snows and snows, so that we want to stay cozely at home except maybe for a walk in the fresh new snow to make snow angels.
The first is a rare magical morning like the one in the picture. This picture was made by my brother-in-law Harrie on a recent morning in The Netherlands when he went out jogging with a friend. I could not believe the picture, I find it worthy of a photography prize, I couldn't believe it was made me weep with gratitude and awe. It turned out it had been very foggy the evening before, then it began to freeze during the night, when the sun came out in the morning the land looked like this until the sun burnt it off.

Have you had moments like these? Moments where you say to yourself:"There is a God"!!
They fill your heart and soul. They make you go quiet. They make you be grateful that you are alive to witness such awe & beauty. They make you feel alive.

We know from our teaching that no one and nothing MAKES us feel anything, a feeling is already there and something (or someone) taps it so we may become aware. That's a beautiful thing, even if it is about some of our uglier feelings. It is beautiful, for conscious awareness is a GIFT. It is a gift of power because it gets us in touch with the power of self-awareness and self-knowledge and that allows us a greater sense of freedom. In freedom we have infinite choices and our choices create our experience.
And then there is the lovely awareness that makes our days Perfect: Spirit in all, as all, everywhere, all the case you forget, look....really this amazingly magical picture. A snapshot of Spirit in Form.
Many blessings & much love!!