Wednesday, January 30, 2008

For many years now, I have been writing poetry, Mostly I have kept it to myself.
My heart is now telling me to share and a poetry collection is in the "works".
My poetry is a way to experience life deeply.
I long more than anything for that, to live and love deeply.
Here I share one of my poems....
With love, rev. frankie


Always looking on beaches for the perfect shell, stone, driftwood or beach glass…

Always looking for that most magnificent, awesome music, that shall burst open my

Always looking for that wonder hair product that shall shape my silver curls in the way I
love it most…..

Always looking for that book, poem or piece of writing that just totally wakes up my

Always looking for that magical taste or smell in food or fragrance – eating and sniffing
my way through quaint towns and special shops……

Always looking
Always looking
Always looking

Come to find
It ain’t out there
It cannot be found in a store, a story, a song or a hair gel……nor in a mouthful or a

It can only be found in my soul’s story
It can only be found within
In the silence and emptiness of the love in my heart
And THAT I have found

It’s right here, right now
In this quiet place of stillness
In my breathing
In the warm darkness behind my eyes
When I stop looking and just find

Just find it right where I am
In what I am and who I am
Touching my God Self
Hearing the sound of my heart beat
Smelling my own skin,
Listening to my own inner wisdom
Recognizing the beauty of my own authenticity
Which is complete.
Not looking, just finding. God.

frankie timmers

Thursday, January 17, 2008


A new year, a fresh new perspective, a wide open field of possibilities..........
Let go of resolutions you don't keep any way, let go of fears and worries triggered by bad news on TV and in newspapers and let go of the past....THINK! Think about who you REALLY are! Think about what you REALLY want. Think about what you REALLY need to let go of, so that what's possible may be born! In our teaching we talk about mind a lot and so it is important to use the mind that we have for good. I say that, for I think you would probably agree with me that most people use their mind in the same way every day, the think the way they have always thought: they rehash the past and/or worry about the future, they overthink things and/or shut the mind off with unhealthy behaviors.
So, an invitation.....THINK!!
THINK about where you are in your life, in a relaxed, objective if you are on the outside looking in, without criticism! THINK about how you feel about where you are and THINK about where you want to be, then THINK about what you need to be/do/have to get there.....and start THINKING about THAT until you arrive there.
Support it with your spiritual practice(s) and watch it become manifest!
It is a very attentive way to be, it allows us to stay in the present while moving forward (or deeper inward). It makes space for us to be who we want to be, who we are meant to be.
Now, I say THINK, but it is not just a mental way of being. Thinking in our language is not without feeling, thinking and feeling are one. Sometimes we don't move for we don't allow our feeling nature to catch up with our thinking nature, or our thinking nature with our feeling nature. For some people there is a big gap between thinking and feeling. They may THINK one thing, but FEEL a completely different thing as in "I think I want........(fill out the blank) but I feel unworthy"!
So, we must THINK about that and bring our thinking and feeling into harmony. That may take some practice. It is quite valuable for it allows us to be aligned enough so that harmony can flow.
And all this can be so gentle, so sweet, so sacred. There needs to be no pressure. It is really a way to love and accept oneself and THAT dissolves the ways we are hard on ourselves.
It is the year, at Religious Science Morristown/Center for Practical Spirituality, to LET FREEDOM REIGN!
Come and join us as we all live that intention and celebrate our inner and outer FREEDOM!
Just THINK what can happen if you participate!!
Blessings and Love ALWAYS, Reverend Frankie