Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Lately I have been reflecting a lot on a seemingly common conversation.
Many people LONG FOR the time & space just to be and to rest, but then they have that time and space and they feel restless. The desire then arrives to do things and go places and...and...and.....
"What IS THAT?", you may say with me.
I believe that what we desire often has a built in fear and so it behooves us to get clear and take some time to reflect.
It does not help that we live in a 24-hour world and that our smart devices are so much fun and maybe a bit seductive.....even addictive......
These devices do keep us connected all the time.
So, it becomes even more important to be still and silent.
Rest the body well. Quiet the mind often.
It allows us to sink into timelessness and spacelessness that contains ALL.
When we dwell in the Allness of Life, we remember more deeply what is important and this feeds us more than anything.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Oh my, sweet people, I have been quite neglectful of this blog....
And so, here I am again with a few things on my mind.....
Let me start with the idea of TIME!

I have banned a word from my vocabulary.
To me it is one of the most boring words in the English language.
Knowing words are powerful and that thoughts are like prayers, I realized that this word is like a virus.
It's a word we use with pride almost. A word we use to unconsciously praise ourselves OR abuse ourselves.....
YEP, that BIG is this word....


That's the word.
Everyone is busy.....with it comes overwhelm, anxiety, worry, stress and LOSS!
The loss of joy, pleasure, passion, enjoying the moment, being fully present.

Can you feel the difference?

So, decide to stop using that B word OR change it to a word that reflects conscious choice.
We all have 24 hours in a day. Approach them with thoughtfulness and see what happens.....

A few examples:

I choose to spend my time wisely.
I am making & taking time to relax and rest no matter how full my plate is.
Life is very full.

Do you have any ideas?
I'ld love to get a few more ideas.

Be in the joy of the moment and let TIME be YOUR servant.

rev. frankie

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

In A Matter of Days

It is finally spring in the northeastern U.S.A. where I live.
The picture shows how in a matter of days the daffodils show their sweet faces.
Every year, it's the same. With complete predictability.
I mean, surely none of us have every wondered if spring would come again after winter......
That's how FAITH works.  It's not that once I see the daffodils, I shall have faith that they come back.
I KNOW they come back, every spring.
And every spring I am/we are in awe. If we are alive, that is :-)

Now how come, it is not always that way with our inner lives?
Because we doubt and we fear and we forget our own True Nature!

So, that's also why we do our spiritual practices, inspirational readings and studies: to grow in and strengthen our faith.

This spring, set an intention to have the same faith in yourself and for yourself as you have regarding the return of spring's explosion of nature.
Take inspiration from the teachings of nature.

Be reborn in faith as you take in the miraculous predictability of the daffodils.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

waiting...........'s been a while...........and time has seemed to it stands still! Am at San Diego Airport!
Having spent 7 days on retreat in the Point Reyes National Seashore area, I feel deeply blessed, grateful peaceful and  FULL.  It does not take much for me....actually it takes less and less. It used to be that I needed a lot of time to get to a place of rest and stillness, but now it happens fast. Sometimes it just takes ONE breath. I think the idea is to find this place of JUST being, inside oneself. No matter what, no matter when.
So take a breath, connect with your self, your Self, your heart and take one deep cleansing breath.
Life is as simple and as lovely and as drama free as YOU MAKE IT!
Make it so!

Friday, April 22, 2011

We Are The Ones........

Much is happening in the world. Only a few minutes watching the news can cause a great disturbance in the mind and heart of a human being, not to mention to one who is awake and aware. Being awake and aware does not make us immune to the suffering in the world. It often can make us more sensitive.
Being alive at this time in history is quite interesting. It requires much of us.  I believe, that we are the ones that are called to be deeply participating in the shift that is taking place on our planet.  I, for one, feel honored.
So, what then is required?
What is required, I believe, is to hold steadfast to the Truth and a deep commitment to not be seduced by the world news.
The Truth that God is ALL there is: in everyone and everything, everywhere, all the time is our inner compass.
Having this as an inner compass shows us how we become seduced by that which appears not to be the Truth and that is exactly the work of healing that is before us.  When we experience pain and suffering outside of us, we know it is a reflection of the pain and suffering that is already within.  It may have been asleep or dormant, but here it is ready to be healed by us and in us.
When we work with this gently and deliberately, we discover what our participation in world healing is.
This is where our spiritual practices come in.  They are vital in cultivating a deeper consciousness of awareness and healing participation. Keep the practices simple and consistent: meditation, prayer, visualization, affirmation, visioning can all be deeply practiced to facilitate staying connected to the Truth already within.
We are the ones........

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Be a Bringer of Light!

The Holiday Season has been upon most of us.
No matter what spirituality or religion we practice, the common theme is LIGHT!
A time of reflection, a time of celebration and a time of healing!
Healing?  Yes, healing.
At Holiday time, we become most aware of what healing wants to happen, because we become most aware of what stresses us...
Is it the shopping, the food, the family, the gifts (giving and/or receiving)? Something else? Do you know?
Where does your heart falter.....what are you feeling.......?
Are you filled with joy? Or dread? Or something in between?
Honor all of it and use it as an opportunity to look deeper inside yourself and take ownership.
This will help you get clear on what you REALLY want to do!

A friend of mine was totally stressed about the Holidays and the shopping for gifts.
I invited her to only buy gifts that are infused with her love and joy, for otherwise the gifts are poisoned. Sound harsh?
Well, just take a moment and think about it.....

What do you want your gifts to be about?  What do YOU want to be about this season?
Let yourself choose to bring the sacred in and to everything!
Forgetting it harms not only YOU, but everyone and everything around you.
Be a bringer of LIGHT!
Do whatever you need to do to be that LIGHT!

The answers for this is already within you!
That is my prayer treatment for myself and all those I love and serve this Holiday Season.
And if you are reading this, this is TRUE for YOU!

Have a Sacred One! Know you are loved!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Today I dwell in gratitude.  I walk my life path giving thanks every opportunity I have.
I am privileged to live this life, it is a gift from God within.
Being thankful for this gift, becomes my silent prayer.
Knowing that God is at the Source of everything, God must be before me, behind me and beside me.
I am never alone.
So walking my path with gratitude, my path then is paved with gratitude and this makes my path more filled with ease, grace and joy.
Practicing gratitude sets the Creative Process in motion.
As within, so without means that the Creative Process manifest for me where my attention is.
Because my attention is in gratitude, what is created for me is MORE to be grateful for.
Welcoming all the blessings, I release this word of gratitude, opening myself to all the good the Universe has in store for me. And I LOVE surprises!
And So It Is!