Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer time....and the living is easy......

Fish are jumping....and the cotton is high......
SUMMER IS HERE! It's hot, it's steamy, there are intense storms and powerful downpours.... I LOVE IT ALL!
I am never one to complain about the weather, what use is that! I used to though, until I set an intention to flow with life and to TRUST LIFE!
Now I celebrate life....summer and everything about summer!
I am off to Omega, my annual pilgrimage to be with a wonderful teacher.
To meditate, to be with like-minded souls, to be, to surrender........
To be without tv, without a computer, without a phone....AHHHHHH, HEAVEN!
For me? Yes! For many people: AGONY!
We are so used to have all those gadgets at our fingertips that we feel lost without them.
Could it be just another way to be distracted from our real-est self? From what matters most?
Let's practice something.......if you are reading this, be willing.......and set an intention to be gadget free and do a media fast.
Start small, yet stretch!
Start with a few hours, half a day, a day, a week......set an intention.
Be with YOU! Be with nature! Listen.
And see......and feel......
Share with me what that is like for you....I would love to hear about the gifts you have received!
Dive deeper into the awe of you!
Blessed Love, rev. frankie