Saturday, August 9, 2008

Asilomar 2008

Our organization, Religious Science International, JUST experienced a historic moment!
About 900 Science of Mind lovers get together every year at Asilomar for a week conference. It is at one of the most beautiful spots in the USA on the Monterey Bay Peninsula at Pacific Grove in Northern California. This year, just this July, was our last one in this way at this time. Now we start moving around the country, and next year we will all meet in San Diego.
The historic moment was two-fold. A decision was made for us to change our name, so that we may be more attractive to the masses. We are now called International Centers for Spiritual Living!! How exciting. Personally, for me it has always been about the teaching, not the name AND I understand that that is not so for everyone. Many times people say they are turned off by the name 'church' and 'Religious' & 'Science' in our name. So, our new name -more neutral- is a way to invite people who are looking for the more spiritual, transformative experience, life, spiritual community we offer. THAT IS EXCITING!!
The second part of our historic shift was that we decided to merge with our sister organization.....of that you shall read more in a future blog.

The week was deeply inspiring, transformative and FUN! Imagine being with hundreds and hundreds of people who think like you! No need to explain, defend, and feel weird about what you believe about Life, God, oneself......HOW FREEING!
And then being steeped like a tea bag in all that juicy stuff of lectures, workshops, group support, play, dance, sing and so on. And that for 6 days! AND in an area so beautiful that you simply cannot leave as the person you are when you arrive.

Being in a different environment does that.....even for a day, even in your own neighborhood....
Take time this summer, and the little that is left of it, to do something different, something new, something out of the ordinary and take it all in like the deepest breath. And let THAT transform you. Just be attentive to the shift and take it with you in your heart. Don't let your daily life snap you back to your old self, stay with the new even if it may be hardly noticeable and let it BREATHE YOU!!!
Blessed love!!!
P.S. the picture is taken in Davenport (just north of Monterey)