Friday, March 27, 2009


What a beautiful life we get to live......when we are open and receptive to the exquisite beauty of Spirit expressing as Life, it can be overwhelming. And the best part is, that it is so all the time....everywhere. The question is whether we are tuned in or tuned out!

I am spending the last day in the Monterey Bay Peninsula area in California. Two days of board meetings and then 5+ days at the Asilomar grounds for the International Centers for Spiritual Living Leadership Conference. We are blazing a new trail, this was a whole new conference for leadership at a sort of new location for us. We have met here every year for 60 years, but it was always the conference for everyone in July. This conference was the leadership conference that previously traveled around the country and besides spiritual leaders there were other people in leadership positions at our centers. It was a great success.

Asilomar means 'refuge by the sea' and THAT IT IS!! (just look at the photo and that's only one scene captured by my iPhone)

So, back to my first paragraph......being tuned in or tuned out to Spirit's exquisite creation......
When we look deep enough and long enough and with an open enough heart we get to see what is REAL and since LOVE has created what is REAL we are shown a beauty beyond description. Once we see what is REAL, we want to live THAT. And the sweetest part of THAT is, that everything is given already for us to access it whenever we are ready!

What if......we saw ourselves that way more?
What if we saw each other that way more?
What if we saw all of life that way more??

You are exquisitely is inherent by right of consciousness!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ohhhh, has been TOO long!
I have missed YOU!!

Dear friend, I bow my head in humility for not keeping a promise to myself for doing a new blog every month....
I have skipped 2....I "owe" you :-)

Since the last blog much has happened, surely for all of us!
It is a new year and now on March 1st, a new month.
The month that brings us Spring: new life.

So much room for newness, new life.
Often in order for something new to be born, we have to let go of the old.
Ask yourself:"What in my life is no longer serving me?"

If you really do not know, it is for 2 reasons:
Everything is working fabulously for you and you serve and are served beautifully!
Or you think you don't know.
If you think you do not know, all you need to do is look at your life and turn within following your feelings.
Where do you feel 'less than', where do you feel you are not fully expressing yourself, not fully authentic?
THAT is what no longer serves you and you feel the way you feel for something within you is ready to let go of it.
It is "old" and something new wants to be born in and through you.

Let yourself fall, be willing to trust, turn within to Spirit and let Spirit lead the way...
Listen to that deeper voice of continuing new life within you and celebrate.
Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate YOU!!
I DO!!!
Love always!