Saturday, June 20, 2009

In The Silence.........

There is this beautiful song, I so love......I hear it in my head and heart often when I hunger for silence and it is not at hand right away. It goes 'In the silence, there is a sacred place, a sacred meeting place, love is there........'. When I hear that song, I can taste the gift of silence. I was in such a space the other day, walking home from a massage. I felt very silent inside and walked home in gratitude, cherishing the soft spring rain, noticing this beautiful rose bush I pass by often. This bush always makes me stop and be in awe of Spirit's Grace in nature. I could NOT resist and picked a rose and brought it home. I put it in a tiny vase and placed it on my altar before I went into meditation. I communed with the rose and thanked it for being there, for reminding me of my own inner beauty. It still had raindrops on it and I fell deeply into the silence I call GOD.
Every time, I look at that rose, it brings me back to this sweet simple awareness of how blessed we are when we really look, really feel, really commune with ALL that is. Now I am preparing for a 5 day meditation retreat. Some of the preparing is active.....being prepared for a week away from home and ministry. Packing my suitcase and all that. And then there is the quiet inner preparation for 5 days of mostly silence. I sigh at the thought and feeling of that. I am so grateful for this privilege.

SILENCE feeds the soul more than anything else, I believe. For it is in silence that we hear/feel the "voice" of Spirit. The voice that only we can hear for ourselves as individualized expressions of the One. It seems that most human beings are doing everything possible to avoid that silence.........

I invite you to welcome more and more silence into your life and see what 'happens'.
I invite you to be less seduced by noise, activity and outer stimulation and notice how full it makes you!

Know you are loved!!!