Sunday, October 18, 2009

Invite the mystery.........

Life has become more and more of a mystery to me and the sweetest thing now is,

What do we know?  What do we really, really know?

Life is too much of a mystery!
When we surrender to life as a mystery, everything becomes a delicious surprise.
When we step away from our history (hystery i.e. hysteria) and surrender to the mystery we open to Spirit's Surprises.  We look through the eyes of love, rather than fear and everything becomes an opportunity to see Spirit made manifest inside and outside of us.
I welcome these surprises.

Autumn invites us seeing the mystery.  I mean, look at the change of colors on the leaves, amazing.

Really look deeply at the purple and green that nature created in the picture!
Does that not invite you deeper into the mystery of life?
Let the autumn take you deeper into the mystery called YOU!
YOU are a multidimensional have more facets to you than the biggest diamonds......see them all!  Celebrate them all. Welcome them all.
AND......know you are loved!!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009 only takes a moment.......

This morning, my beloved and I were doing spiritual mind treatment/prayer together. I am a Religious Scientist, he is a Presbyterian and we often do prayer is such a sweet thing.....
This morning it was a prayer for strength, courage and willingness to deepen our felt intimate and deep as we prayed in an embrace with our eyes closed.
When we opened our eyes, my beloved was the first to notice......
A praying mantis had landed on his window right before our eyes. Coincidence? I don't think so.
An message from God? We think so!
To me it is reminder that life is filled with mystery and magic, as long as we are willing to see, know and feel that it is so.

Some may think that it is superstitious, but it matters not. If we find inspiration in life and it is seemingly small and takes only a moment, just suck it into your being and let it take up space in you. Give it the attention, so it grows in you and let it become honey for bees, so that it guides you back into the mystery of life. Back into the richness of life and back into faith so strong, that it becomes the solid ground you stand on.