Monday, November 16, 2009

Time After Time................

The Holiday Season is upon us again......winter has returned (almost!!)
How did that happen? How did it get to be November already?
It's an interesting 'thing', isn't it?
The best gift I have ever received on the spiritual path is the idea that 'TIME IS MY SERVANT'!

Most of us grow up believing that we are the servant of time.
How can you tell the difference?
You can tell when anything having to do with TIME frustrates you. Notice how you speak about you use the B word a lot? BUSY! Do you feel you are always running? Do you never have enough time to do 'everything'? Do you give up your spiritual pratice or your R&R time to have more time for the doing in your life?
Could it be that these are all excuses? Excuses to not just be? Just be with you? Just be you?
What would be left of you if you did that?
Who would you be?

During Holiday time we seem to make ourselves even busier, we stress ourselves out more than during non holiday time.. A wise teacher once said that a breath without the remembrance of Spirit is a wasted breath.

Give yourself the gift of TIME as YOUR servant, instead of the other way around.
For in Spirit, Time is Infinite. This Truth exists in you as well, for you are Spirit in form.

Take a breath, let it fill your heart & mind with the idea that there is ALWAYS ENOUGH TIME!

Timeless blessings!!!