Sunday, March 21, 2010

May your roots grow deeper...........

Recently, we had a ferocious three-day rainstorm in our area with very high winds. It kind of came as a surprise to me, since I am not one who watches the news a whole lot.  Right next door to our Center (Center for Spiritual Living Morristown) three to four big trees came down, falling across the street.  I learned after the storm that due to the soft ground and the 8+inches of rain the trees were just plucked out of the ground. Power outages were common all over the tri-state area and flooding was rampant.  It was quite something to witness.  Mother Nature's fury at the cusp of Spring.

Watching the fallen trees everywhere reminded me of how important it is for us to be firmly and deeply rooted in the ground of our essential beingness.  The deeper our roots, the more solid we are standing in the ground of our Being.
So our spiritual practice invites us to go deeper and to be in constant communion with Spirit within.
Then when any "storm" comes, we are not so easily shaken or uprooted.

I invite you to set your intention TODAY to have your spiritual practice be around becoming more deeply rooted in Grace, in Love, in Truth and in Compassion.
Then notice how "high" you stand and how solid your are planted in Truth and how far your "branches" reach..........notice how the fragrance of your being infuses the world around you with love and light.