Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Hunger for Silence.........

All of a sudden I thought: MY BLOG!  It's been over 2 months I have posted anything new. OMG!
There is so much to do, see, feel, read, etc. etc. etc.....
Time seems to fly (and maybe it does!)
And what do I have to say?  What do I have to say that anyone wants to read among infinite blogdom? Why bother?
Well, if what I have to say touches one person, then I have served.....
So here it goes!

Live more simply! Life is too sweet to miss any of the joys! And true sorrows!

I have had some amazing experiences in the last two months (it actually feels more like 2 years in some ways) and I have learned so much!
The greatest gift in my learning has been to cherish the moment.  Yes, that one: the cliché!
AND............ not really a cliché!
No one I know has truly mastered living in the moment completely!
If you have, share it with me, please!  I love the blessedness of it!
Living in the moment is not something that is ever complete and can always be experienced more deeply, more intimately.
I, for one, hunger for it.  And I hunger for stillness and silence more and more.  I can tell when I am not getting enough of it.  Like water.....
I get a bit cranky, tired......
Sometimes an hour fills that hunger and sometimes a day or more.
Surrendering to it and allowing myself to not only have that hunger but let it be filled and stilled is the greatest gift I can give myself (and therefore others).

So, during this Holiday weekend, take time to remember that we all need time for silence and stillness!
So, sit still & get quiet and just BE!  Fill up on what is given (Spirit in and as you knows what that is!!)
We need it more now than ever with so much stimulation, so much going on, so much to experience.......