Friday, April 22, 2011

We Are The Ones........

Much is happening in the world. Only a few minutes watching the news can cause a great disturbance in the mind and heart of a human being, not to mention to one who is awake and aware. Being awake and aware does not make us immune to the suffering in the world. It often can make us more sensitive.
Being alive at this time in history is quite interesting. It requires much of us.  I believe, that we are the ones that are called to be deeply participating in the shift that is taking place on our planet.  I, for one, feel honored.
So, what then is required?
What is required, I believe, is to hold steadfast to the Truth and a deep commitment to not be seduced by the world news.
The Truth that God is ALL there is: in everyone and everything, everywhere, all the time is our inner compass.
Having this as an inner compass shows us how we become seduced by that which appears not to be the Truth and that is exactly the work of healing that is before us.  When we experience pain and suffering outside of us, we know it is a reflection of the pain and suffering that is already within.  It may have been asleep or dormant, but here it is ready to be healed by us and in us.
When we work with this gently and deliberately, we discover what our participation in world healing is.
This is where our spiritual practices come in.  They are vital in cultivating a deeper consciousness of awareness and healing participation. Keep the practices simple and consistent: meditation, prayer, visualization, affirmation, visioning can all be deeply practiced to facilitate staying connected to the Truth already within.
We are the ones........