Wednesday, April 9, 2014

In A Matter of Days

It is finally spring in the northeastern U.S.A. where I live.
The picture shows how in a matter of days the daffodils show their sweet faces.
Every year, it's the same. With complete predictability.
I mean, surely none of us have every wondered if spring would come again after winter......
That's how FAITH works.  It's not that once I see the daffodils, I shall have faith that they come back.
I KNOW they come back, every spring.
And every spring I am/we are in awe. If we are alive, that is :-)

Now how come, it is not always that way with our inner lives?
Because we doubt and we fear and we forget our own True Nature!

So, that's also why we do our spiritual practices, inspirational readings and studies: to grow in and strengthen our faith.

This spring, set an intention to have the same faith in yourself and for yourself as you have regarding the return of spring's explosion of nature.
Take inspiration from the teachings of nature.

Be reborn in faith as you take in the miraculous predictability of the daffodils.