Sunday, August 16, 2009


I LOVE THE EARLY MYSTICS.......ALL OF THEM...put a pile of books before me of any of the early mystics and I drown....
Meister Eckhart, Francis of Assisi, Jellaludin Rumi, Hafiz, Julian of Norwich, Hildegard of Bingen, John of the Cross, Theresa of Avila, Brother Lawrence, Mechtild of Magdeburg,...........YUM!

And then there is Ernest Holmes, the founder of our Science of Mind teaching.........he is a contemporary mystic.....just read his early writings like 'Your Invisible Power' or 'The Voice Celestial' that he wrote with his brother Fenwick. Even the early 1926 version of the Science of Mind textbook is so much more mystical than the current version, which is much more mental....much more of a TEXT book.

The early mystics were all about having a DIRECT experience of God (Spirit, Love, Nature, the it what you will!).
It seems that today's spirituality is more about doing, about 'acting' spiritual and talking about spirituality.
I hear it when people use the word 'spiritual'. Like:"he is so spiritual" or "she's not very spiritual".
To me that is very very judgmental. The Truth is that we are ALL equally spiritual! All of us!
God in us, as us, is us!!
NOW, we may not all be aware of it, we not be conscious of our spirituality, but WE ALL ARE!!!

So, what do we do with all THIS?
We remember we are all created by the One Spirit, all infused with all that this Spirit is and all discover what that means.
Deepening our own experience of God, Love, Truth and LIVING THAT!
The early, brilliant mystics remind us......they knew! They know!
No need to reinvent the wheel here....

A mystic is someone who has a direct experience of God

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Laughing out loud!

Have you had a good laugh lately?
The kind where your belly just aches, tears run down your face and you practically pee your pants?
Doesn't that feel great? It is sort of orgasmic, I think. Like it wakes up every cell in your body.
Something in the body moves in such a way that it feels like you shed all toxins.
It's a beautiful thing and I think we could all be doing more of it.
Once you have a good belly laugh, life looks completely different.
It's like seeing the world in a whole new hue, all of a sudden seriousness has left and everything feels lighter.
That which was a problem before has become infused with something that cannot even be named and the problem is just not the same, it may have even dissolved.
The language of laughter is universal and it is so contagious. Check it out! Give it a try........
Take the time to laugh today...with a friend, a loved one, your child, a funny movie or TV show or go on line to a great joke website....laugh yourself silly and look again .....look again at yourself, at your life, at your heart!