Saturday, December 29, 2007

Let go of the old, welcome the new.....

Many years ago I adopted and idea I had read about in a magazine. When you buy a new piece of clothing, you must get rid of an old piece! I started playing with that and it was very effective. Some of us can be such gatherers that it is hard to let go of anything. That was not totally my case, but I would have things in my closet that were just there year in year out, things I would not wear......and were hard to let go of. I began to use that sort of thing as a metaphor.........
Having grown in this area I am grateful that letting go has become easier and I feel much freer.
I have also learned that letting go FIRST creates space for something new to be welcomed. And it is more gentle, more grace filled, more effortless and has an element of the mystical. I think that is because then we are more willing to be open and to surrender to Spirit, then we are living in faith more. Since all is already given, we open ourselves to receive Spirit's Abundant Gifts.
So, this time of year, make yourself receptive.....allow for that already welcoming space in you to reveal your magnificence and listen for the deep wisdom already within you.
Let yourself be the glass surface of a lake welcoming everything...
Deep, rich blessings for the new year!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


As we step into the fullblow-ness of the Holidays, we are asked to deepen our spirtiual practices.
The other day I was at the mall to do a non-holiday errand and it was crazy.
It was really fun for me, for I wasn't shopping for the Holidays.
Finally after all these years I have given myself the gift of honoring myself, being true to myself and doing only what I can put my heart into totally.

This too is available for you!

If the Holidays are stressful ( or sad or lonely or.......) for you, take a deeper look and ask yourself 'WHAT IS MISSING FOR ME?'
Listen deeply and honor the answer(s)!
Let them be your guide this Holiday season!

Remember what you love at this time of year and cultivate it.
Bring your gifts to those around you and celebrate the Light!
The Light is the one common element among all the Holidays celebrated all over the world at this time.
YOU are the Light!
How do you share your Light?????
Blessed Love, rev. frankie