Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Lately I have been reflecting a lot on a seemingly common conversation.
Many people LONG FOR the time & space just to be and to rest, but then they have that time and space and they feel restless. The desire then arrives to do things and go places and...and...and.....
"What IS THAT?", you may say with me.
I believe that what we desire often has a built in fear and so it behooves us to get clear and take some time to reflect.
It does not help that we live in a 24-hour world and that our smart devices are so much fun and maybe a bit seductive.....even addictive......
These devices do keep us connected all the time.
So, it becomes even more important to be still and silent.
Rest the body well. Quiet the mind often.
It allows us to sink into timelessness and spacelessness that contains ALL.
When we dwell in the Allness of Life, we remember more deeply what is important and this feeds us more than anything.

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